Duke 300Kg Compact Electric Wire Winch

DU-300S 1Phase 230V 50 Hz

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Fit for various workplace applications, such as general factories, warehouse, construction, plumbing, and agriculture industries.
Designed for unique rigging applications encountered at small venues, lightweight, quiet, and portable. Operates on 220V-230V, which means you can plug it in just just about anywhere.

Braking : Dual braking system combines mechanical plus regenerative braking, provides instant and safe braking. 
Gearing : Precision machined gears heat treated for strength and durability, the ball or needle bearings at all rotating points run in oil bath lubrication for a quieter, smoother and cooler operation.
Housing : Lightweight, cast aluminum alloy 
Friction clutch : A high performance and durability friction clutch that is integrated with the load brake. This design is to slip in order to prevent overloading and over travel that could damage the hoist.
Switch : Simply layout of the control with 3m power cable as standard and emergency stop as option.

Capacity (kg) Power (Voltage) Phase Wire Rope (mm*M) Speed (M/min) Motor (KW)
300 100-120 220-240 1 6x30 14 1.3
L (mm) W (mm) H (mm) Package Box Cu.Ft N.W. (Kgs) G.W. (Kgs)
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
500 250 330 490 170 180 1.45´ 19 21


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