AGP Low Profile Magnetic Core Drill System 35mm x 30mm


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This incredible new low clearance magnetic drill can enter spaces impossible to reach with a conventional magnetic drill.
Although the total height is only 198mm, conventional 30mm length cutters can be used. No need for special cutters.

Model PMD3530
Power input 1100W
Voltage: 230V/ 50-60Hz, 110V/50-60Hz
No Load / Full Load r.p.m 650 / 390
Max. Capacity Dia. X Depth of cut 35mmx 30mm
Weldon shank 19mm
Magnetic Adhesion 15,000 N
Overload Protection With
Dimensions of drill 285 x 101 x 200mm
Net weight 10 kgs ( 22.4Lbs )
Safety Belt
Product Weight: 10 KG
Product Model:


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