Darex Drill Bits Sharpener

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Accurately sharpen your most common drills in under a minute. The Darex V391 incorporates some of the same technology used in the more advanced machines and is the perfect choice for workshops that need a high quality sharpener. It’s simple, intuitive design gives everyone access to sharp drills when you need them.

Solid steel construction and chuck
Brass and ball bearing roller guides
Adjustable split point depth and split point angle
Adjustable point angles
Adjustable point relief
Vacuum port and grit tray
75mm Diameter sharpening wheel, designed to sharpen up to 2000 bits
Supplied with Borazon (CBN) grinding wheel for HSS & Cobalt drills
Optional Diamond wheel available for sharpening carbide drills

Drill Capacity 3mm – 19mm
Custom Point Angles 118 – 140
Standard and Split Point styles
240v 1/4hp Motor
Size: 300 x 280 x 230mm
Weight: 11Kg

Made in USA

Product Weight: 11 KG


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