Designed to compensate for the weight of work tools, components and equipment, our large range of Endo Spring Balancers are ideally suited for suspending welding guns, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools and supporting assembly components during manufacturing process.

Standard Features:

- Comprehensive choice of models

- Premium quality product range

- Subject to rigorous quality approval inpsection procedures.

- Improved working efficiency and reduced fatique.

- Decreases possibility of strains and other workplace injuries.

- Afford better use of work space.

- Allows for consistent, efficeint placement of tools.

- Prevents damage to tools.

- Flexible placement.

EW and EWF series
A general purpose of spring balancers designed for intermediate load capacities, all models in the EW and EWF series range incorporate standard stopper devices in case of spring breakage, and secondary support hangers as an additional safety precaution. The cartridge type spring assembly makes for ease of replacement, drum lock device for ease of tool replacemet. plug type cable set, cable replacement without dismantling.

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Endo Spring Balancer

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 22

EWF 22 for 15 to 22 Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 1,400.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 30

EWF 30 for 22 to 30Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 1,500.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 40

EWF 40 for 30 to 40Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 1,850.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 50

EWF 50 for 40 to 50Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 1,950.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 60

EWF 60 for 50 to 60Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 2,100.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 70

EWF70 for 60 to 70Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 2,250.00

Endo Spring Balancer EWF 9

EWF9 for 4.5Kg to 9 Kg tool

Price:SGD $ 650.00