The Crosby Group are probably best known around the world for their legendary hot dip galvanised Red Pin lifting shackles available as Bow shackles, D shackles and as wide body lifting shackles. The range is massive with capacities available up to 400 tonne safe working load. Most of the red pin shackles are available with a choice of different types of locating pin though are mainly either Screwpin where the pin screws in to the body of the shackle or safety pin where the pin is captivated by a split pin stopping the pin from vibrating loose, this can be supplied with or with-out a nut. Shackles can meet the performance requirements of US Federal Specification RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2 and ASME B30.26. Crosby only uses special bar forging quality steel with special cleanliness and guaranteed hardenability. The design of Crosby shackles assure that strength, ductility and fatigue properties are met.